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Tips by poultryOne Visitors

After cooking with eggs, clean the egg shells. Then, bake them in your oven to sterilize them. Smash up the baked, clean shells and feed them back to your hens as a quick, cheap source of calcium!

– Stacy W. (Houston, TX)


Don’t forget to vaccinate your hens! It’s a quick way to defend your flock from problems in the future.

– Jerry R. (Lihue, HI)

I like to save kitchen scraps, such as vegetable peelings and old fruit, for my chickens. They love these tasty treats, and it saves me money on my feed costs.

– Christopher P. (Bellingham, WA)

If your chicks are taking a while to figure out how to drink water from their waterer, put a few shiny, clean marbles in the bottom of the dish. The sparkling will tempt them to peck at the water, and they’ll learn from there!

– Peter A. (Kirkland, WA)

Cat food is a great source of extra protein for your chickens when they’re moulting. It will help them to grow their feathers back faster.

– Vanessa H. (New York, NY)

I like to let my chickens roam my vegetable garden to help clean up weeds and bugs. Just don’t let them into your garden when you’ve got ripe tomatoes on the vine. They won’t be able to resist the red fruit!

– Laurence Z. (Concord, NH)