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Our readers want to meet you!

poultryOne, a PayPal-verified Merchant, is excited to offer you an unparalleled opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience of potential customers with custom advertisements on poultryOne.com, poultryCommunity.com and our other sister websites.

Our loyal readers are diverse, educated, affluent and looking for products and services that bring success to their backyard hobby. Unlike traditional advertising, which offers limited control to the advertiser and little chance for consumer interactivity, we reach an active poultry audience that’s interested in researching and purchasing products that make their hobby easier.

poultryOne’s media advertising packages may help to increase consumer recall, product attribute communication and brand identification. This is essential for a company looking to increase its sales and customer database.

poultryOne Audience Profile*:

  • 80,000-100,000 unique visitors per month which generates over 700,000 monthly page views. [Statistics provided by 1&1 WebStatistics]
  • Demographics: 59% female audience; 61% over the age of 35; 91% Caucasian. [Statistics provided by Quantcast]
  • Lifestyle: Our audience has a wide range of interests. Home/Gardening (16.4x affinity), Politics (2.7x), Pets (2.2x), Women (2.1x) and Science/Tech (1.6x) [Statistics provided by Quantcast]
  • Wealth: Our visitors have a large, disposable income.

Start building your business today. Advertise on poultryOne!

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Additional Notes

* The selected statistics are for informational purposes only and are provided by third-party statistical research. 1&1 WebStatistics evaluations use statistical methods interpreting automatically generated log files. Due to technically unavoidable inaccuracies, some of the information may not be thoroughly acquired. Quantcast is based on inference modeling which combines directly-measured traffic data from poultryOne.com with a variety of sample-based audience reference points. The data volumes powering Quantcast’s services are dramatically larger than traditional panel-based audience approaches – with over 130 billion new media consumption events being logged and processed monthly. The result is the ability to deliver rich audience-based profiles, near real-time, for media assets with as few as just a few hundred unique viewers.