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How to Protect Your Chickens with a DIY Electric Dog Fence

Backyard chickens are vulnerable to many different predators, and when you also have pet dogs, the threat can come from even closer to home. Raising chickens in the same area that your pet dogs roam can be a dangerous combination, and it may be necessary to separate your flock. Dogs, especially those with hunting instincts, […]

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Evaluating Egg-Laying Hens

Editor’s note: If you’re raising backyard chickens for eggs, you’ll notice that your hens will slowly stop laying eggs over time. In an effort to save money, space and time, you may wish to cull your non-laying hens to make room for new chickens. If so, this online guide will show you a few quick […]

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Raising Chickens: Broody Hens

The term “broody hen” basically means a hen who sits on her eggs for the purpose of hatching them. It doesn’t matter if the eggs are fertile or not; she’ll sit on them and get that “back-off-or-I’ll-kill-you” look in her eyes if anyone tries to stop her. Do you want your hens to remain broody […]

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What a Chicken’s Body and Internal Biological System Looks Like

Structure of a chicken, part one and two by Tokushi Tanaka, State and Area Poultry Specialist Structurally, birds are among the most highly specialized vertebrates. Their structure includes modifications or adaptations for flight*. The basic structural systems of the chicken are as follows: Nomenclature The differences between the sexes can be seen in the appearance […]

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Preventing Upper Respiratory Fungal Infections in Your Chickens

Upper Respiratory Fungal Infections by K.J. Theodore of Shagbarkbantams.com Don’t count those unexplained occasional deaths unexplained deaths as routine… There’s a reason for most of those deaths, and it’s usually an undetected UPPER RESPIRATORY FUNGAL INFECTION. There are numerous upper respiratory ailments and I’m not going to cover each one here. Instead, I’ll address fungal […]

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Chicken Health and Stress Management

by K.J. Theodore of Shagbarkbantams.com They don’t call them “CHICKEN” for nothing! STRESS is a big factor in determining the overall health of our birds. Stress comes in many forms and seems to affect the best of our show birds the most. There’s something inherent about the genetic makeup it takes to produce the finest […]

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Preventing and Handling the Coccidiosis Disease

by K.J. Theodore of www.shagbarkbantams.com Amprolium shortage? Why are you worried? I’m not. That’s because I practice prevention. And if there’s anything to practice prevention for, it’s COCCIDIOSIS. Since Coccidiosis is one of the most flock-devastating protozoan parasitic diseases, ‘Cocci’ management should forever be at the forefront of any good health and nutrition program. If […]

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All About Breeding Chickens

History of Chicken Breeds/Breeding All domestic chicken breeds (scientific name – gallus domesticus) originated from the Red Asian Jungle Fowl. Believe it or not, your funky frizzle bird or colorful Barred Plymouth Rock rooster came from this majestic, wild bird. Through many years of extensive breeding, we have finally arrived at the chicken breeds available […]

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How to Use Probiotics to Keep Chickens Healthy

by K.J. Theodore of ShagbarkBantams.com What the heck are probiotics? PROBIOTICS are a dietary supplement that increase the population of the ‘good’ bacteria (micro flora), which are needed in the intestinal tract in order to process food properly. The use of probiotics as a daily supplement has become a popular routine in the commercial poultry […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Backyard Chickens*

Whoops, looks like this page has been moved in an effort to make poultryOne.com an even better resource for backyard hobbyists just like you! We’re always looking for ways to improve and to answer any questions you may have about raising chickens. Let us know what you think, and meet other like-minded hobbyists, at HGH […]

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