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Looking for chicks? Find an Californian hatchery in California! California's poultry hatcheries are the source for some of the chickens, geese and ducks raised in the state of California and throughout North America. Annually, chicken hatcheries (including the Californian poultry suppliers) are a multi-billion dollar farming industry. The entire hatchery industry involves highly moderated development systems designed to boost production. It is critically important to find and use the best Californian hatcheries to ensure your best success.

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Belt Hatchery:
This Fresno, CA poultry hatchery says that it "is a wholesale poultry hatchery that serves the entire U.S, providing the highest quality in day-old poultry from the west!" You may contact this Californian chicken hatchery at 559-264-2090.

Dark Egg Hatchery:
Dark Egg Hatchery is a Californian poultry supplier that specializes in classic, rare and extremely rare breeds of chicks. Dark Egg will ship directly to your door and says it is one of the best specialty breed hatcheries in the United States. This hatchery accepts all major credit cards and can be contacted at 1-877-572-8266.

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