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Raising chickens is a fun and rewarding hobby!

It is exciting to see so many new people discovering how easy it is to start their own flock of chickens. Whether you are looking for a self-sufficient and healthy way to get fresh eggs, or if you simply want to try a new hobby, raising chickens is perfect for young and old alike!

As shown by the rapid growth of our vibrant, free chicken message boards, raising chickens is becoming very popular!'s goal is to help you raise your own flock of happy hens. With the proper care, your chicken coop can become an excellent source of fresh eggs and enjoyment for many years to come.

Our library of free chicken articles is one of our most popular resources for online poultry hobbyists. Updated on a continual basis with relevant, vital poultry information, these articles provide exhaustive coverage on every topic imaginable. We've got articles ranging from the basics of feeding layer chickens to the intricacies of breeding chickens! Whether you're raising chickens for profit or for fun, our articles make raising chickens easy!

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  2. All-purpose information on the general care of raising chickens, including what to feed chickens, how to build a chicken coop, and how to protect your chickens from poultry diseases.

  3. Articles for Breeding Chickens and Chicken Breeds (10 articles)

  4. Breeding chickens can be a great way to grow your flock or replace chickens in your coop. Reviews of chicken breeds and how to breed chickens.

  5. Articles for Layer Chickens (6 articles)

  6. Raising chickens for eggs is one of the most popular reasons why people raise chickens. Learn how to increase egg production and keep your layer hens happy! Other topics include providing hens with calcium, and stopping hens from eating eggs.

  7. poultryOne Common Questions and Answers (8 articles)

  8. Many hobbyists have common questions about raising chickens, and we've got the answers!

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Chicken Facts

The chicken is an amazing animal. Here are some interesting facts about the domestic chicken!

  • The scientific name for the domestic chicken is Gallus domesticus.
  • The scientific name for the chicken is Gallus Gallus.
  • Most hens start laying eggs at 5 weeks of age.
  • On average, a hen will lay 250 eggs per year.
  • Fertile chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch.
  • Every year, a chicken sheds and re-grows all her feathers.