Breeding Chickens and Chicken Breeds 101

While there are hundreds of different chicken breeds and breed varieties, only a few are recognized as official breeds depending on the breed standard you’re consulting.

Looking for information on breeding chickens? Are you wondering what is the best chicken breeds for egg layer hens?

Breeding chickens and poultry is a fun way to grow your chicken flock and gain valuable experience in poultry genetics.

Breeding chickens is also fun! On this chicken breeds article page, we’ll show you the basics of breeding chickens and what you need to know when trying to select the right chicken breed for you!

Top 5 Best Chicken Breeds for Beginners

As a beginner, you want a chicken breed that meets the following characteristics:

  • The chicken breed should be friendly, relatively docile and easy to tame
  • The chicken breed should be relatively easy to care for
  • The chicken breed should excel at laying eggs, if you’re raising chickens for eggs; gain weight quickly, if you’re raising chickens for meat; or both
  • The chicken breed should be common enough that you can find it in most hatchery catalogs or at most local feed or farm supply stores

Introduction to Breeding Backyard Chickens

To breed out unwanted traits and improve your strain of chicken, you need to have a working breeding plan that includes the following steps:

1) Establish a long-term goal. Find out exactly what you are trying to attain.

2) Begin with the best birds that you can get. It’s easier to start with quality chickens than to work hard to breed unwanted traits out of an unsatisfactory batch of birds.

All About Breeding Chickens and Chicken Breeds

All domestic chicken breeds (scientific name – gallus domesticus) originated from the Red Asian Jungle Fowl. Believe it or not, your funky frizzle bird or colorful Barred Plymouth Rock rooster came from this majestic, wild bird…

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