Florida Hatcheries

Are you a backyard chicken hobbyist living in Florida? Find a Floridian chicken hatchery! Florida’s poultry hatcheries are the source for some of the chickens, geese and ducks raised in the state of Florida and throughout North America. Annually, chicken hatcheries (including the Floridian poultry suppliers) are a multi-billion dollar farming industry. The entire hatchery industry involves highly moderated development systems designed to boost production. It is critically important to find and use the best Florida hatcheries to ensure your best success.

Double-R Supply Hatchery:
Double-R Supply sells quality products for all avian species. Found at Palm Bay, Florida, this hatchery can be contacted toll free at 1-866-325-7779 or via mail at 5156 Minton Road NW, Palm Bay, FLO 32907.

Valentine Hatchery:
Valentine Hatchery is an amateur Maran hatchery operation. Valentine Hatchery sells both live chicks (specializing in the Maran breed) as well as fertile Maran chicken eggs (by the dozen). Prices vary. This Florida hatchery can be contacted only via email at r_r_valentine@yahoo.com.