Pennsylvania Hatcheries

Are you a backyard chicken hobbyist living in Pennsylvania? Find a Pennsylvanian chicken hatchery! Pennsylvania’s poultry hatcheries are the source for some of the chickens, geese and ducks raised in the state of Pennsylvania and throughout North America. Annually, chicken hatcheries (including the Pennsylvanian poultry suppliers) are a multi-billion dollar farming industry. The entire hatchery industry involves highly moderated development systems designed to boost production. It is critically important to find and use the best Pennsylvania hatcheries to ensure your best success.

Hoffman Hatchery, Inc.:
Hoffman Hatchery in Gratz, PA, sells goslings, ducklings, chicks, turkeys, guineas, and other types of waterfowl and gamebirds (including pheasants). Order a catalog at 717-365-3694.

Moyer’s Chicks, Inc. Hatchery:
Moyer’s specializes in providing brown egg layers, and broilers. Call the Quakertown, Pennsylvania hatchery at 215-536-3155 or fax your request to 215-536-8034.

Noll’s Poultry Farm Hatchery:
This Kleineltersville, PA poultry hatchery offers five breeds of production layers and broiler chicks and can be called at 717-949-3560.

Reigh Poultry Farms Hatchery:
Offers wholesale prices on a limited number of poultry species varieties, including gamebirds, waterfowl and chickens. Call this Penn state poultry hatchery at 717-426-3411.

The Pennsylvania hatchery information listed here is derived from publicly available data. To remove your Pennsylvania hatchery, or to suggest an addition, please contact poultryOne.

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