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~ Free Poultry Forum and Chicken Message Board

~ Bookstore Get all your poultry and chicken books from one of the most popular poultry resource providers on the Internet! A portion of your purchase will go to support our work and projects.

~ Backyard Poultry Magazine — Dedicated to more and better small-flock poultry.

~ Game Bird Journal An Online Magazine Devoted To The Game Bird Enthusiast!

~ Hen Hutch Chicken Coops This tidy little chicken coop is perfect equipment for your backyard or small pasture providing you with the enjoyment of your own laying hens and farm-fresh or organic eggs. You can enjoy your pet chickens while they provide eggs for you. Fresh organic eggs are a healthy alternative to store bought eggs.

~ McMurray Hatchery A popular hatchery with a large selection of breeds and poultry accessories.

~ Oakwood Game Farm Hatching and raising Chinese Ringneck Pheasants and Chukar Partridge since 1967.

~ P & T Poultry Supply and Equipment Information guide and supply to poultry equipment, incubators, poultry housing, chicken coop, hatching eggs, chicken eggs, duck eggs, pure chicken breeds, hen houses and other poultry farm equipment.

~ Poultry Pages Poultry help, advice and information expecially for the backyard or garden poultry keeper.

- Shook Poultry sells 16 breeds of baby chicks and 7 breeds of ducklings.

~ Southmead Poultry Many pure breed and hybrid chicken for sale, including Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red, ISA Warren, Maran Cuirvree. We are based in Leatherhead, Surrey UK. Advice/help freely given to all customers, especially if you are just embarking on this wonderful hobby of keeping chickens. Chickens available all year round. Please visit our website for more information.