The Basics of Raising Guineas at Home

While chickens are, by far, the most popular type of poultry to raise, many enthusiasts enjoy raising gamebirds such as guinea fowl. Guinea fowl are a unique bird quite unlike most other types of poultry, and raising guineas can be an enjoyable experience for both experienced, intermediate and beginner hobbyists alike.

Why raise guineas?

Most people begin raising guineas just for fun. While guineas are occasionally raised commercially for meat, the effort of raising guineas usually means hobbyists simply raise guineas to try something different. Guineas also make great “watchdogs” over your poultry flock and may alert you and/or your chickens about an impending predator like a hawk or coyote.

Choosing a guineas species

There are many different types of guineas from which you may choose when first getting into guinea fowl. One of the most widely-encountered is the helmeted guinea fowl. has a complete listing of guineafowl breeds from which the backyard guinea lover can select.

Whatever your personal motives for raising backyard guineas, there is a guinea out there just waiting!

Got a question about raising guineas for fun? Send your question to one of our many poultry hobbyists who raise guineas on our free poultry message boards and visit for lots of How-To guides for raising guineas.

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