Raising Peafowl in Your Backyard:

All about the fun hobby of raising peafowl at home!

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The poultryOne Media Group typically concentrates on providing information for backyard hobbyists on the practice of raising city chickens. However, you would be missing out on a beautiful and stunning bird if you never contemplated the potential of raising peafowl.

Why should you raise a peacock and peahen?

Often, individuals start raising peacocks and peahens simply because it was a case of "love at first sight." Peacocks are majestic, beautiful creatures. Some would argue that they are the true king of the animal kingdom, thanks to their regal "robe" of brilliant blue and green feathers. While peafowl are rarely raised for commercial purposes, or for meat and eggs, they are definitely the most stunning ornamental poultry species you can get your hands on.

Choosing the type of peafowl breed:

There are two main types of peafowl. different types of quail. One of the most popular peafowl breeds is the Indian Blue peafowl. This bird is the one many think of when they think of peacocks, due to its popularity at parks and zoos. AboutPeafowl.com has a great description of breeds of peafowl that are available for purchase from exotic hatcheries.

Feeding Your Peacocks and Peahens:

As your baby peachicks grow in their brooder, you'll need to feed them a high-protein diet. Once they are mature, you can start feeding peafowl gamebird feed. Peafowl are related to the wild pheasant and enjoy a similar diet of grass, plant seeds and bugs. Domesticated peafowl will want to roam in your backyard in search of these food items. However, you will still want feed them a gamebird formulated diet to ensure they are getting the nutriets that are best for their optimum poultry health.

Got a question about raising peafowl? Consult the wisdom of other enthusiasts who raise peacocks on our free poultry message board forum and visit AboutPeal.com for free peafowl guides for raising peafowl.