Raising Backyard Pheasants at Home:

A Poultry Guide to Raising Pheasants Today

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Here at poultryOne, we typically focus on backyard poultry resources on how to raise backyard chickens. While such birds are traditionally the more common species of poultry chosen by backyard hobbyists, some people enjoy rearing upland game birds like the colorful, energetic pheasants. Pheasants are a unique upland game bird known for their warm-colored feathers. They're unlike many other poultry species, and raising pheasants can be an exciting hobby for both the novice and expert poultry farmer.

Why should I start raising pheasants?

Most chicken-lovers begin raising pheasants to try something different and add a little wild, upland game style to their backyard poultry operation. While some pheasants are reared on commercial poultry farmes for hunting, sport and for meat, the effort of raising pheasants often ends up with backyard hobbyists hatching, breeding and feeding pheasants for purely hobby reasons.

What do I need to know about raising pheasants?

The first time you get into raising pheasant game birds, you'll often receive fertile eggs from breeding pheasants. Similar to your backyard chickens, your new pheasant flock will need the right build-your-own pheasant coop plus lots of nutritional pheasant feed.

Got a question about raising pheasants for fun? Send your question to one of our many poultry farmers who focus on backyard pheasants on our free poultry community and visit RaisePheasants.com for lots of free info on raising pheasants.