The Basics of Raising Quail at Home

Recently, the overall popularity of raising quail has been on the rise among many backyard poultry enthusiasts. More and more people are discovering how fun it can be to raise these gamebirds. It is certain that raising quail makes an exciting addition to your backyard poultry collection

Why raise quail?

People start raising quail for a variety of reasons. Some people raise quail for quail eggs. Others raise quail for quail meat and slaughter. Many other individuals raise quail for fun, thinking that quail make a unique addition to their backyard.

Choosing a quail species:

There are many different types of quail. One of the most popular are the Bobwhite Quail. has a large list of types of quail that the backyard quail hobbyists can choose from.

Whatever your reasons for raising quail, there is a quail genus out there for you.

Hatching and Brooding Quail:

It’s very important to know every detail about hatching and brooding quail from fertile quail eggs. This can be a great way to start raising quail. Once your baby quail hatch, you must put them into a brooder to keep them warm. The best quail brooder should be dry, free of drafts and full of soft litter. It should also have a sufficient temperature from the use of a standard heat lamp.

Feeding your quail:

As your baby quail grow, you need to know how to all about feeding quail proper quail feed. In the wild, quail often eat seeds and insects. In your backyard, quail should be fed a commercially prepared gamebird diet made specifically to nourish quail at their various stages of life.

Got a question about raising quail? Ask other poultry hobbyists who raise quail on our free poultry message boards and visit for free quail articles on raising quail in your backyard.

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